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Biodegradable material and finished products (starch-based,

We are selling compostable products made with biodegradation starch and PLA.

The material of our product is a new type of modifying and plasticizing compostable starch (PLA), that integrates rigidity, toughness and elasticity, and it has the characteristics as strong ability of adaptation, broad usage, recoverable edge scraps, and wastes able to be biologically decomposable.

Our products meet all relevant safety (food contacting) and decompose standards, such as EN13432, ASTM6400, AS4736-2006, OK compost, Japan Biomass material certificate, and ISO14851.1999;U.S.A. FDA 21CFR part 176 170 and EN71
part 3:1994 AMD AI2000.

The product includes:

1、dishware, tableware, kitchenware, such as chopsticks, snack bowl, cup, plate, knife and fork, etc., it can be disposable or

2、disposable packing bags, such as shopping bag, garbage bag, (rubbish bag), (trash bag) and other packing for industrial and medical, electronic usage.

3、sanitary products, such as tooth-brush, comb, etc.,

4、cosmetic bottle, medical bottle, and other packing bottle, and the bottle caps.

5、stationary, such as ball pen, pencil case, scissor, ruler,
pen-holder, file-holder, etc.,


7、disposable plant pot, flower vase, jar, etc., 

8、disposable raincoat, umbrella bag, glove, shoe cover, tablecloth, picnic groundsheet, pet pad, diaper, etc.,

9、other compostable products, golf tee, etc.,

The product stable in the atmosphere. Biodegradable in compost, wet soil, seawater and activated sludge where microorganisms exist; aging and fragmentation in direct sunlight.

Our products are safe, cheap, and environment-friendly, it can bring mutual benefit.

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